Railway traffic

Timetables, delays, locations and composition of trains operating in Finland

The purpose of this service is to share data of trains operating in Finland. The service is operated by Finnish Transport agency (FTA). The data is sourced from the following applications used in traffic controlling and capacity management:


Using the data from this service, it is possible to answer the following questions:

  • Is my train on schedule?
  • What is the location of my train at the moment?
  • Which train can I use to travel from A to B on date C?
  • Which trains are departing and arriving next from a specific station?
  • What kind of wagons and locotomovites does my train consist of?
  • What kind of services does a train provide?
  • Was my train on schedule for example two months ago?

English version of this documentation only consists of a Swagger documentation.

Data is licensed under Creative Commons NimeƤ 4.0

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