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Marine websocket API changes 19th of October and 31st of December 2018


Marine Websocket address will cease sending data 19th of October 2018.

The following address will cease:

  • ws://meri.digitraffic.fi/api/v1/plain-websockets/locations

Temporary replacement address:

  • ws://meri-legacy.digitraffic.fi/api/v1/plain-websockets/locations

This address will serve data until the end of the year 2018.

Temporary endpoint can be tested with code at: https://github.com/finnishtransportagency/digitraffic-ais/blob/develop/src/test/html/testWs.html

Before end of year 2018 a new API will be available with AmazonMQ. More protocols will be supported and subscriptions allows clients to receive data they are interested in.

The new API is in test and can be tested using the following example client: https://github.com/finnishtransportagency/digitraffic-ais/blob/develop/src/test/html/testMqtt.html

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