Development roadmap

Current and scheduled development plans for the Digitraffic-service.

Development projects

12 applications in planning order

Archive for Digitraffic data

Some parts of Digitraffic data is to be retained in archived for possible future use. That’s why we are developing a service where our users can load the history data.

Road maintenance

Distribution of road maintenance tracking data for road maintenance machines at Digitraffic. Tracking data for machines is imported from HARJA and is intended to be distributed in GeoJSON format.

More information about HARJA:

Road conditions v2

Road conditions version 2 data is planned to be published on Digitraffic API. The new version provides higher resolution for road segments and there are higher number of forecast points.

More information!category-topic/roaddigitrafficfi/yleinen-keskustelu/u-PybMHgER8

Navigational buoys

Digitraffic is planning to publish data from navigational buoys (Sea State Estimation (SSE) algorithm on floating marine aids to navigation (AtoN) of the Finnish Traffic Administration).

New AIS integration

Current AIS integration is coming to its end of life so a new one will be needed. This should not affect end users.

Weight restrictions and road works

Weight restrictions and road works will be published as DatexII-documents.

No development plans