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Road and Marine production has moved to AWS


Digitraffic marine and road environmens have been migrated to AWS cloud service.

Release notes:

  • Before the migration the API timestamps were in Finnish local time. After the change the timestamps are in UTC. Additionally, the format of the timestamps changed: Before the change the offset from UTC was marked after the timestamp. After the change the APIs use the Z suffix for UTC. Before the change the timestamp was e.g. 2018-11-06T15:51:00+03:00 The new format for the same timestamp is 2018-11-06T12:51:00Z More information: 2018-11-12-timestamp-change

  • Our new database engine is Postgres. This may have some minor effect in result ordering.

Please read also about the changes in the Websocket endpoints: 2018-10-12-ws-legacy-marine

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