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Websocket endpoints End of Life on 21th of December 2018


Road and marine legacy WebSocket -endpoints will be ended on 21th of December 2018.

NB! The date has been changed from the previous announcement. AmazonMQ will serve the new endpoints.

These road endpoints will cease:

  • ws://tie-legacy.digitraffic.fi/api/v1/plain-websockets/tmsdata
  • ws://tie-legacy.digitraffic.fi/api/v1/plain-websockets/tmsdata/{lam-station-id}

Changes were annouced earlier in: More info about Websocket changes at 19th of October and 31st of December 2018.

These marine endpoints will cease:

  • ws://meri-legacy.digitraffic.fi/api/v1/plain-websockets/locations
  • ws://meri-legacy.digitraffic.fi/api/v1/plain-websockets/locations/{mmsi}

Changes were annouced earlier in: Marine websocket API changes 19th of October and 31st of December 201.

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