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New road maintenance tracking and traffic message APIs are published and deprecation of old APIs in six months


New api versions for road maintenance information and traffic messages has been published.

Documentations can be found at

And Swagger API-descriptions at

🔴 Following old APIs will be removed after October 2022.

  • TMS
    • /api/v1/data/free-flow-speeds*
  • Maintenance
    • /api/v2/data/maintenance*
    • /api/v3/data/maintenance*
  • Traffic messages
    • /api/v1/data/traffic-disorders-datex2*
    • /api/v1/data/roadworks-datex2*
    • /api/v1/data/weight-restrictions-datex2*
    • /api/v2/data/traffic-datex2*
    • /api/v3/data/traffic-messages*
    • /api/v3/data/traffic-messages*
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