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Changes to road weather stations and sensors


Changes to road weather station data collection coming into effect on week 20 between Tue-Thu 17.-19.5.2022 will also cause changes in the data available through our APIs. Due to technical restrictions, data was previously collected from one physical location using multiple station identifiers. In the future, all data from a single location will be listed under a single station identifier, which means that the amount of stations will decrease.

This change affects those stations which are actually of type RWS_200, but show up in the API as being of type ROSA. After the change, these stations will be of type RWS_200 in the API. The stations not affected by this change will remain of type ROSA. As a consequence, the name of the “main station” will be changed, and the parallel stations will be removed from the API data. Sensors will be added to the main station, and the names and IDs of transferred sensors will be changed.

Example: The station vt7_Sipoo_Box_1 of type ROSA will be changed to type RWS_200 and will become a “main station”, in which case the numeral suffix will be removed from the name. The new station name will be vt7_Sipoo_Box. The parallel stations vt7_Sipoo_Box_2, vt7 Sipoo_Box Opt1 and vt7_Sipoo Box Opt2 will be completely removed. The sensors of the parallel stations will be transferred to the main station and the names of overlapping sensors will be changed. Example: Sensor 3 TIE_1 of station vt7_Sipoo_Box_2 will become sensor 101 TIE_3 of station vt7_Sipoo_Box.

The new sensor types are already used in the weather sensor API data: https://tie.digitraffic.fi/api/v1/metadata/weather-sensors

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