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New Marine APIs and deprecations of old APIs in six months


New APIs for Marine have been published.

Documentation can be found here.
Swagger descriptions here.
Outdated and deprecated APIs are here

🔴 Following old APIs will be removed after April 2023.

  • Port calls
    • /api/v1/port-calls*
  • Metadata
    • /api/v1/metadata/*
    • /api/v2/metadata/*
  • SSE
    • /api/v1/sse*
  • AIS
    • /api/v1/locations*
  • Winter navigation
    • /api/v1/winter-navigation*
  • Disturbances in waterway traffic
    • /api/v2/bridge-lock/*
  • Nautical warnings
    • /api/v1/nautical-warnings/*
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