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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Data Controller

Palkkatilanportti 1, 00240 Helsinki


Mika Ahvenainen
Palkkatilanportti 1, 00240 Helsinki

Name and Contact Details of the Data Protection Officer

Tomi Lapinlampi

Filing system name

Digitraffic -service

Purposes of the processing

Monitoring of the Digitraffic service usage and service problem management. The Digitraffic service is currently managed and developed by Solita Oy.

What data do we collect?

IP address of the service user.

Data origin

The personal data (IP-address of the user) originates from the HTTP calls the users sends to the Digitraffic service. 

Sharing the data with third parties

Information is made available only to the administrator of Digitraffic service, which operates under a mandate of the Finnish Transport Agency, under the obligation of professional secrecy and shall be used only for monitoring data Digitraffic services and incident management.

Personal data is transfers outside the European Economic Area of the European Union

Personal data is not transferred outside the European Economic Area or the European Union.

Technical and organisational security measures

B Information handled by electronic data processing
The data is held in Finnish Transport Agency's servers which conform to VAHTI regulations. Data is available only to Digitraffic maintenance and service desk personnel. Data is protected for its entire lifespan.

Individual rights

According to Finnish Henkilötietolaki 29 § the registry members have the right to check their data in the registry.

The written request to check one’s data shall be addressed to the fore-mentioned contact (section ‘Contact’). The request must contain all necessary data to find the data from registry.

We do not provide right of correction, since the filing system consists of logged IP addresses.

Other rights

Personal information is not used or disclosed for direct advertising, distance marketing and other direct marketing, market research and opinion polling, or personal chat and genealogy research.

The Register does not have any other rights to access personal data.

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